Larry Rivera’s 90 Day Blogging Challenge

Blog 90 Day Challenge

  Life has been crazy, blessed, insane and wonderful all rolled into one lately. Since my last post back in October, I have changed locations 2x (following YaHuWaH’s will), seen and experienced things I could have never imagined and learned some amazing life lessons (thank you Father). All which will make up several posts in […]

Don’t Worry, Praise Him, Be Grateful & Be Faithful…


  AmaniYAH Brothers & Sisters! I got off of a webinar earlier where I was asked to talk about what is going on with the lack of money in the body and what could be done about it, etc. Unfortunately, there was little time (it was the end of the webinar) to go real in […]

Faithful Provider | Best Free Homeschool Resources 9/16/11

20 great reasons you homeschool

  Note:¬†Whether you are currently homeschooling or want to enrich your children outside of the school house, you can use the majority of the resources in this post. I knew when I first had my children I would likely be homeschooling. I had a very strong desire when I was growing up to be homeschooled. […]